Keeping Score Bad for Children
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About David A. Stewart
Author of “The Wussification of America”
I grew up in the South and am rooted in strong, southern values although I find myself to be a Midwesterner these days.  I was raised on some pretty strong principals and philosophies.  They’ve definitely sculpted who I am today.  I’m not better than anybody else, but I am sure not on board with the entitlement society that the good ole USA has become such a fan of lately.
I’m a direct guy and the book, “The Wussification of America”, is a direct slam at the parents who have not raised their children to be mentally strong warriors in today’s society.  You see, I believe parents should be the ones raising their kids.  It is not the schools jobs, it is not the insincere politician’s jobs, and it is not the community’s job.  Parents have somehow started to justify that it is okay to slack on their responsibilities and throw their parenting skills to anybody else who will take responsibility for them.  Well guess what we’ve discovered?  The people who have taken over have a different idea for our children.  They want them to be fragile little figures that run like scared rabbits or thoughtfully ponder the “what if’s” of an idealistic utopia.   Where has strong mental toughness and healthy competition gone?  It’s left our schools and it is not a part of many sports leagues now.  Somehow, those who fear competition have made it seem like a bad thing.  That’s a bunch of crap.  Of course, you can’t blame them; if somebody told me to create something the way I wanted and gave me free reign I’d go to town.  Those people who are soft would be the ones complaining then.  For now, it is just me, good ole boy David Stewart, proud USA citizen.  I will admit that I hope you all start complaining too.  We can change this thing around!
The United States has always been a great country.  It was built on a strong constitutional ground and a lot of hard work.  Did the people that came over here and helped pave the way for a new, better life expect it to just be handed over to them?  Hell, no.  They worked hard, appreciated what they had, and never just expected – anything!  If you think that life should always be fair you are living in fantasy land.  People are given certain strengths when they are born.  If they don’t ever use them it is their own damn fault.  Granted, as kids their parents may stunt their growth for whatever reason, but as adults they are responsible for their destiny.
You know what would be my idealistic utopia?  We had social classes that went according to drive, energy, and passion.  Each and every one of us would be accountable for using what has been given to us, appreciating it, and doing the best we can.  We wouldn’t whine when we didn’t win; rather, we’d be thinking, “Okay.  That didn’t work, but what will?”
From reading on my website and a few other sources, some of you may be thinking I’m obsessed with dodgeball and you are right –I am.  Why?  Because dodgeball teaches you the vital skills you need to be successful in life:  You learn how to:
  • Move fast
  • Think quick
  • Be tough
  • Shake it off
  • Strategize
  • Win

Winning is not bad and if you think it is you need to read this book through over and over until that crappy thought leaves your mind.  Life is full of opposites or else you really couldn’t call it living.  There will always be somebody who excels and somebody who fails, the person who has it all and the ones who bitches that they don’t, an appreciative person and a negative complainer, a talker and an action person, etc.  Can you give me one good reason why you would personally not want to or you wouldn’t want your children to be at the winning end of any of those things?  I sure hope not because that is just plain old wrong.  If you are a responsible parent who takes their job seriously you want your child to be the one who achieves things, has dignity and spirit, appreciates the opportunities that are presented to them, and is not afraid of a little healthy competition.  There will always be competition because it is our God given right to have it.  He didn’t create diversity and differences just to have them squandered.  He created them to show his creations that they had choice and opportunity.  Today, you have a choice and opportunity. 
You have a choice to make sure that you are not the pansy parent, but are the real deal who takes your job seriously.  This book gives you an opportunity to really think about everything and formulate a plan.  Take a stand for your children and for the United States of America.  Let the wussies know they are being stopped in their tracks and you are going to reclaim what makes our children and this country GREAT!  Don't tell your kid winning doesn't matter, it does.  It’s the only thing that does matter in LIFE. If somebody told Einstein -on his first draft for a nuclear bomb- that it wasn't right and he quit where would we be?  We would be saluting the" rising sun".  Although, I doubt they could get more than 1/3 of you to get out of bed.
If you’ve made it this far I can see you haven’t lost all your toughness.  Congratulations on that.  Now, the challenge is to keep on going and get the book that is going to guarantee your children’s future more than any college fund or trust account could!
Here’s to you and the de-wussification challenge ahead,
David A. Stewart
“The Wussification of America”
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